Knock Down / Rebuild

You have bought the knockdown and have been dreaming about the house that you want to build on it. What’s next and in what order? Architect, surveyors, knocking the house down, does it have asbestos, who do we talk to first?
Talk to us, we can take you through the entire process, step by step smoothing out the bumps for you. In fact, if you already know the type of home you are looking to build, talk to us before you buy the block to make sure that it is able to provide you with everything you want to do.

Custom Designs

Do you need an architect or will a draftsman be able to draw your plans for you? The cost difference can be significant. We are happy to advise what the best solution may be for you.

GR8 Designs

Have a look at the designs we already have. Some of them may just need a little tweaking to suit what you are looking for.

Architectural Designs

We are happy to build from any architect you wish to work with. Talk to us if you have not already chosen one, we have built with many of them and know who has strengths in the type of home you want.


Feel free to use our standard inclusions list, we know it is of a high standard, make alterations to suit or create your own from scratch. This is your home and we will put into it anything you want.